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Digital’s Budget

Digital Purchasing Roles and Guidelines 

Roles and Responsibilities 

Owner: Wants to make a purchase and/or acquire services 

  1. Knows how we are going to pay for it (which fund) 
  2. Can explain “why” to Director and decision makers  
  3. Responsible for getting quote/bids 
  4. Drafts Professional Service Agreement/Contract or obtains draft vendor agreement 
  5. Drafts Staff Reports and attends Council meetings if required 
  6. Primary vendor point of contact for agreements and management of work 

Digital Service Analyst 

  1. Verifies available funds 
  2. Supports routing of contracts/agreements 
  3. Sets up new vendor profile (if needed) 
  4. Creates requisition for purchase orders 
  5. Processes invoices 

Finance Department  

  1. Consulted on purchases exceeding $75,000 that requires Council approval 
  2. Approves requisitions and issues purchase orders 
  3. Cuts checks.  

City Attorney’s Office 

  1. Reviews contracts and professional service agreements 
  2. Reviews and approves vendor signatures and routes to Jim 


  1. Plan for your purchase – Large purchases should be in the Department budget or a special project budget. Anticipate these costs as part of our strategic planning and  budgeting process. 
  2. Confirm budget availability – Is this expense budgeted for? Do we have available funds? 
  3. Get a quote – A quote will be required for approval and for purchase orders. Competitive bidding is preferred for purchases outside of existing service level agreements with our managed service provider. 
  4. Check to see what level of approval is required – The City’s purchasing guidelines all for the Department Director to approve expenses under $10,000. City Manager approval is required for purchases between $10,000 and $75,000. City Council approval is required for expenses over $75,000. See all purchasing guidelines on the employee website. 
  5. Confirm if an agreement is required – If the purchase includes services and labor outside of an existing contract you will be required to establish an agreement with the vendor. Check with the City Attorney’s to see what requirements they have to successfully engage with the vendor. Check this page on the employee website for more guidance on contract requirements. 
  6. Get your purchase approved – Follow the purchasing guidelines to determine who should approve the expense. Once you have received approval from either the Director, City Manager, or City Council you are ready to create a purchase order.  
  7. Create a requisition => purchase order - Send the quote (and include an agreement if one is required) to Digital Service Analyst who will prepare a requisition for Finance to approve. 
  8. After purchase order is approved, work or purchase can take place 
  9. Send invoices to 
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