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IT Operations and Maintenance

Focus Areas

Keeping our technology assets secure, up to date, and accessible.

Digital oversees the City's Managed Service Provider, Xantrion, who is responsible for:

  • Maintaining City IT infrastructure
  • Broadband and telephony
  • Provide 24/7 help desk support through phone and email
  • Onsite support for technical issues
  • Cyber security program
  • vCIO role and IT service delivery oversight
  • Assist Digital team with technical solutions for departments
  • Proactive hardware lifecycle management

What We Do

IT Operations and User Support

A majority of our touch with City staff is through IT support via Xantrion, our IT Managed Service Provider. Our team oversees and coordinates with Xantrion and Digital Coordinators to support communication and coordination on security initiatives, user support, and IT infrastructure projects. All IT-related services are provided through Xantrion and all requests for support are managed through Xantrion’s ticketing system and dispatch.

Vendor Evaluation

Is your team looking for a software solution to launch a new service or replace an existing platform? We can help provide guidance on the process for discovery, demonstration, and requirements gathering to support your team in making the decision that works best for you. We will help your team walk through the process of vendor discovery and evaluation until you are ready to establish an agreement with a vendor. While your team will be responsible for drafting and routing agreements, we can help coordinate integrations with other systems when needed and provide technical coordination between the vendor and Xantrion. For larger enterprise systems, we can help guide procurement recommendations and third-party implementation support if needed.

Integration and Automation

Our team can work to integrate software applications across platforms to make it easier to work with multiple systems, automate processes, and use technology to make life easier. Examples of this include creating digital approval workflows, making payment systems talk to application systems, integrating third party software with communication tools like Teams or Outlook.

Technical Recommendations

Our team is on hand to support the success of any new software or technology your Department wants to bring online. Bring us on early in the discovery process so we can provide technical guidance and recommendations to guarantee your new system is secure and compatible with City platforms,


Our IT team will work with vendors to configure new software when transitioning to new systems and support updates to software that support up-time and reduce the impacts on Department operations. Xantrion will work directly with the vendor and your Department’s coordinator to support these projects.

Software Training

Digital is developing a comprehensive program to support the onboarding of staff to new digital tools and ongoing support for existing applications. We manage our digital training resources including LearnIt, ClipTraining, and employee led training sessions to support the ongoing development of staff education and onboarding.

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