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Technology Purchasing Guidelines

Software and Hardware 

Below are guidelines on purchasing technology with Digital to help your team budget and know how we can support your technology needs. 


Digital budgets for Enterprise Software (software that is used by Departments city wide) as part of our interdepartmental service charges to all Departments. 

  • Microsoft 
  • Adobe 
  • Asana 
  • GIS 
  • BlueBeam 
  • Laserfiche 
  • Website hosting and domains 
  • SurveyMonkey 
  • MailChimp 
  • ProudCity 
  • SeeClickFix 
  • Zoom (moving to Digital for FY2023/2024) 

Existing licenses

Digital budgets for existing and anticipated licenses as part of our budgeting process. That means if you already have a license we will include those costs in our budget for the next fiscal year.

New licenses for approved software (not budgeted for)

We don’t want to stand in the way of giving your team the tools they need. If someone in your Department needs a new license for software (i.e. Adobe Acrobat, Zoom, SurveyMonkey, Asana) and we have not included the budget for that software, we can help you get access but here are the steps to consider: 

  1. Is this the right tool for the job? We will check in to see what challenge you are trying to solve and verify that this is the right solution. We will also explore if there are free tools or existing software that meets your need. 
  2. Your Department will pay for the first year license and then we will include it in our budget for next year as part of our Enterprise Software fund.  
  3. Approval from a manager in your department   

Other new Software not in use at the City

If you or your team are exploring a new software solution we want to be part of that conversation early in the process 

Reach out to us early on so we can work with you to frame the challenge and create a discovery process to make sure you get the best tool for your team. 

Department Specific Software

There are some cases where your Department is the only one using a type of software. In those cases, licenses and budgeting is managed by your Department. 

Major Technology Projects

Major technology projects (New Permitting System, ERP, Recreation software replacement, etc) are paid for through our Technology Projects fund.  These projects are planned for as part of our Technology Improvement Plan. If you have a project that should be on our radar, please contact us so we can work with you to review funding, resources, and timelines.

Not sure where to start?  

No problem. Send us a Digital Service Request and we will follow up with you to get you on the right path. 


Digital manages our PC Replacement program as part of our budget through interdepartmental service charges based on our current or projected inventory. That means that every existing computer is on a 5-year replacement schedule. That keeps our fleet up-to-date and secures our network from threats.  

New Computers 

  1. Replacements of existing PCs are covered by the PC Replacement program - We will replace the laptop or tower but monitors and peripherals (mouse, keyboard) are covered by the Department. 
  2. Net New PCs – If you need a new PC and we haven’t tracked it in our inventory your Department will be responsible for covering the costs. Digital and Xantrion will work to make sure you have the right tools but the costs will be charged to your Department’s fund code. 
  3. iPads, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse, Webcams, and other items – Departments are responsible for purchasing and replacing these items. Special requests (i.e. stylus, Wacom tablets, track balls) are approved and paid for by your Department. We can assist in recommendations if needed. 

Replacement Computers 

Every year we review the oldest PCs and put them on a list for replacement. PC’s approaching 5 years will be replaced as part of this program. 

Broken or damaged computers – We bundle a 4-year warranty as part of our purchasing process. If your PC is damaged in anyway in the first 4-years we will get it replaced as part of our program. 

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