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Data Strategy

In February 2022, the Digital Team launched a new data strategy in service of Together San Rafael. Every department identified Data Leaders who will represent their department and work with the Digital Team to move this strategy forward at the City.


To make high quality, useful, and documented data available and accessible to internal and external stakeholders for a broad range of positive outcomes, including...

  • Helping the city achieve its strategic goals​
  • Improving government services​
  • Increasing public trust​
  • Enabling partnerships with researchers and nonprofits​
  • Evaluating the impact of policies and programs

Year 1 and 2 Objectives (2022-2024)

  1. Create a Data Inventory
  2. Create a centralized, self-service tool to enable access to data
  3. Automate the cleaning, transformation, and maintenance of key data assets
  4. Adopt a data governance policy and structure
  5. Support and train staff to create internal analysis and reports
  6. Foster uses of data internally and externally to improve city services
  7. Launch an Open Data Portal

Data Strategy Overview

Download Data Strategy Overview

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