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Working with us

The Digital team manages and prioritizes our workload through a combination of factors including:

  • Technology Improvement Planning for long-term enterprise projects
  • Goals and Objectives for Digital programs
  • Digital Request triage
  • IT Operations
  • Incident response

We make every effort to create space for unanticipated initiatives that improve Citywide processes or address emerging challenges. Our team has developed a process to manage the in-take of new requests and prioritize the allocation of Digital resources to support our colleagues across the City while maintaining momentum on annual goals and objectives.


Getting Started

Make a Digital Request

If you have an idea for a service redesign, improvement of an existing process, or strategic support with data insights, civic engagement, or technology, please reach out to Digital using our Digital Request Form. You can find a link to the form on the Employee Website home page. Our team triages incoming requests and will assign a team member to schedule a discovery call with you.

Step 1: Discovery

Our first step in responding to a request is to set up a discovery call to learn more about your request. Is it a quick task that can be resolved by our team or is it a challenge that requires more attention and a plan? If the request requires more time, resources, and attention, we will work with you to develop a scope of work to define how Digital can work with you.

Step 2: Scoping

Once we have determined that your project requires in-depth review and project management, we will work together to define a scope of work that is achievable, and time bound, so we can deliver results and not get bogged down trying to solve giant problems. We believe giant problems can be solved, in small bites, so we start our conversation with a discovery call to understand why you want to engage with Digital and begin the process of understanding how we can help you reach your goal. We will present a scope of work that we mutually agree upon with deliverables and next steps.

2a: Framing the Challenge

An important step in the scoping process and in the first stages of trying to solve a challenge is understanding what that challenge is. Is it a process challenge or a tool challenge? We spend some time with you to determine exactly what we are trying to solve.

2b: Defining Success and Our Engagement

Our scope of work will include deliverables and frame what we can do within scope and what we will not do. It is important for us to agree upon a successful resolution of our work since so much of what we do at a City requires continuous improvement. By having clear deliverables, we all get a sense of accomplishment when we complete our scope and can mutually decide on what next steps may be needed to continue our work together.

Our Services and Programs

The Digital team has a set of services we provide when working with Departments to improve services and reimagine the government experience. Projects and engagements with Digital can involve multiple services from the list below.

Service Design and
Process Improvement
and User Experience
Digital Tools and Software Data and Insights
Process Mapping Engagement Strategy Solution Development Data Tools
Solution Ideation Website Strategy Integration and Automation Performance Management
Prioritization User Research Technical Guidance Insights and analysis
Prototyping Usability Testing Configuration Data training
Change Management User Personas Vendor Evaluation Open Data
Scaling Innovation Software Training GIS Program


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