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Once you have made improvements and are confident that your product will work at scale, you are ready to launch your product. You may still want to start by launching it as a “pilot” or “beta” version to the public and continue to ask for feedback.

When you launch your product, you want to promote it in a compelling way to people who need it. You can promote your product or service digitally through the City website, social media, and email newsletters. Depending on your target audience you may want to consider signage, flyers, postcards, or other creative ways to get the word out. 

Make sure your product or service is easy for people to find and get help if they have questions. The name of your product should match what people are trying to accomplish and avoid using uncommon terms or jargon.

When you first launch your product, make sure you are available to help answer questions or troubleshoot any issues that arise. Friday at 5 p.m. usually isn’t the best time to launch if you can help it 😉

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