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Civic Engagement

Focus Areas

Making City services easy to use and work for everyone in the Digital age.

  • User research and human centered design
  • User testing, A/B testing
  • Strategic guidance
  • User experience design
  • Product management for digital engagement applications
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Software evaluation

What We Do

Engagement and User Experience

Civic Engagement Strategy

Digital can work with your Department or Project team to develop engagement strategy and recommendations to successfully engage with our community. Engagement is a two-way street and we will make recommendations to help coordination with community partners and leverage multi-modal engagement tools, to both amplify messaging and provide feedback from the public.

Website – Content Strategy and Product Management

Digital is the City’s product owner for the website. WE coordinate with the vendor to guarantee up-time and work with staff to support onboarding and training of new staff members to the website.

We also support content strategy and special website projects to improve accessibility, usability, and discovery of information on the City website. We will work with your Department to suggest improvements to site and page structure and make it easier for people to find the information they are looking for.

User Research

User research helps us to understand user needs, pain points, and opportunities. The insights we gain from this type of research is crucial to building empathy with users and helps to determine an ideal future state. User research can be conducted by interviews, workshops, and usability testing. User research is helpful before creating requirements for a new software solution, designing a new service, or improving existing services.

Usability Testing

Our aim is to make City services easy to use, and work for everyone. What does the experience of a service feel like? How do users navigate a webpage and what is the thought process of users when they are trying to work with the City? Usability testing is a formal process that includes walking through a service or experience with a user to hear their thoughts, frustrations, challenges, and input on the design of a service. We use information from testing to make improvements to the design and functionality of a service or product so it is better adapted to the needs of our users.

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