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About us

We are a 21st century government with a goal of making City services easy to use and work for everyone.


  • Our city services are easy to use and work for everyone
  • City staff achieves operational excellence through the use of data and digital practices
  • Our approach to digital transformation is coordinated and strategic
  • Our technology infrastructure is reliable, modern, and secure

Guiding Principles 

  • Everything we do is human-centered 
  • We prioritize outcomes and impact over process 
  • We promote a culture of curiosity through agile and data-driven practices 
  • We apply digital principles to solving our City's greatest needs

 Some Current Projects:

  • Increasing Digital Equity through Public WiFi  
  • Building a Downtown Fiber Network 
  • Delivering digital permitting 
  • Citywide Communications and Community Engagement Strategy 
  • Upgrading Citywide ERP System and Business Processes 
  • A dashboard to track re-housing efforts for residents experiencing homelessness 
  • Rolling Out an Office 365 Training and Adoption Program 
  • Launching a New Citizen Request Management System 
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