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Product Framing 

The product development process begins with product framing, a method that helps team members get top-level alignment on a service. Product framing includes defining vision, problem areas, user scenarios and success.

The vision is critical, because it helps to better align the organization — internal and external players — with the core objectives, giving projects perspective and focus. Vision also helps you better define and address the root problem.

If you find your team gravitating toward a predefined solution or told to build a specific thing, you can use product framing to break down that solution to uncover the problem to be solved. The question “why” should be asked multiple times until the root cause of the problem has been identified. Product framing also includes agreeing what is not part of the problem. The better the problem is defined, the better potential solutions the team will end up with. 

Throughout the lifecycle, you should revisit your product framing and make changes as you learn.

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