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Employee of the Quarter Nomination

Have you been inspired by an exemplary co-worker? Since 1991, the City of San Rafael has recognized an Employee of the Quarter for their contribution to the City. This a peer-to-peer program – any staff member can nominate any other staff member. Our hope is to recognize as many people as possible, as often as possible, for all of the great work that happens at the City.

Fill out the form below or download the PDF form and mail the completed nomination to

Not sure what to write? Use any one of the prompts below to fill out the form below.

  • Describe how this Nominee approaches his/her work: (Do they collaborate across departments, appreciate diverse perspectives, help others succeed & assume positive intent?)
  • Describe how his/her performance is exemplary? (Do they take risks, try new things, seek creative solutions, find the root problem, support and enhance the reputation of the department?)
  • How does he/she support other employees? (Do they serve as a role model and contribute to a positive work environment?)
  • How does he/she contribute to team work? (Are they open to change, fiscally responsible? Does he/she seek creative solutions?)
  • In what ways does he/she “go the extra mile”? (Do they honor those we serve with integrity & create an exceptional customer experience?)

You can also use the Together San Rafael Guiding Principles for inspiration.

  • Together in Service
  • Start with Community Needs
  • Find Something to Say Yes To
  • Reimagine the Status Quo
  • Practice OpennessBe Mindful
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