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City Hall Employee Fitness Center and Locker Rooms

The City opened a staff fitness center on the first floor of City Hall in June 2023. Named “Jim’s Gym,” after former City Manager Jim Schutz, the fitness center and locker rooms are for the enjoyment of staff before/after work hours or on break time.

To utilize the City Hall fitness center and locker rooms:

  1. Read through and sign the waivers – found HERE  (3 forms to sign: Rules and Code of Conduct, Waiver of Liability, and Photo/Video Release)
  2. Once signed, your forms will automatically route to Human Resources
  3. Human Resources will process your waiver
  4. Within 1 week, you will receive an email confirmation from Human Resources that your personal door code has been given access to be used at the fitness room, entryways into the staff areas of the first floor, and the locker rooms. NOTE: Your personal door code is different than your employee code. You use it to get into other City buildings and doors.

Signing the City Hall fitness center waiver does not give access to any other City fitness centers.

The City Hall Fitness Center and locker rooms are open and accessible for staff use all hours of the day, every day of the week.

Employees using the Fitness Center after 5:00 pm must exit from the same floor through either the rear exit leading to the 5th Avenue/C Street parking lot, or the Parking Services lobby area leading to 5th Avenue. See map above. The elevator leading up to the City Hall lobby should not be used after 5:00 pm to exit the building.

For questions, please contact Human Resources /

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