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Let’s Lead Together Revisions

In 2018, there was an expressed need for expectations of our management team, and the mid-management team collaborated with the department director team to create Let's Lead Together. Let's Lead Together represents the values we hold ourselves accountable to and our expectations of other directors/managers as we lead the organization forward…together. They are not in priority order as they are all equally important. They should be considered when conducting directors/managers’ performance reviews.

Much has happened since 2018: devastating fires in neighboring communities, Public Safety Power Shutoffs, COVID-19, a call to action for government agencies everywhere to face social inequities taking place in neighborhoods all around the country, and more. Our management team has been operating under the agreed upon expectations set by Let's Lead Together, and with everything that we have faced over the last several years there is a desire to review Let's Lead Together, and make modifications if needed.

In the spirit of practicing openness,  a subcommittee of the executive team is reviewing this document and will provide recommendations for updates to the mid-manager team in June 2023. Some of the changes being proposed include a section on practicing self-care, a deeper dive into the section on equity and inclusion, and an over-all review of content.

February 8, 2023 Meeting Recap Notes

  • Create a section "Practice Self-Care"
  • Remove "Explain Purpose" and fit into either "Communicate with One Voice" or "Broaden and Share Perspective"
  • Re-word "Lead with HEART" to include servant-oriented mindset, being compassionate, ‘how can I support you’ language.
  • Re-word "Demonstrate Vulnerability"
  • Re-word "Be Inclusive" to better capture the purpose of this section.
  • Add "and Celebrate Wins" to the title of "Set Goals & Achieve Results"

March 6, 2023 Meeting Recap & Draft Language Notes

  • Practice Self-Care: Take care of yourself. Prioritize self-care over productivity, when needed. To do well you have to be well. Take time off and use it to rest and re-energize. Learn what self care looks like for you, and practice it daily. Model for your team how to be a human being, not always a human “doing”.
  • Lead with HEART: Be kind. Create and support a culture of compassion and empathy. Commit to the mindset of being a servant leader. Remember that we chose this profession because we care about serving people and making our community better. Express care and concern for the whole person and look for ways to provide support. Anticipate the needs of your team and of the people you serve. Be mindful to lift up those around you and let others shine.
  • Promote Equity and Inclusion: Commit to finding ways for all employees and residents to feel a sense of belonging in our city. Think through a lens of equity while developing policies, programs, and services to create more equitable outcomes for all. Be aware of and find ways to mitigate for unconscious biases. Strive to create a workforce that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of our community. Hire not just for technical skills, but also for emotional intelligence and lived experience.
  • Demonstrate Vulnerability: Recognize limitations, authentically share your shortcomings, and leverage the strength of our team when you need support. Taking these risks will build a high level of trust in your relationships. Create safe spaces for other to demonstrate vulnerability. Give permission to others to be whole heartedly honest with you. Share your “fails” with your staff so they will feel safe in taking risks and trying new things. It's okay not to know everything or to have all of the “right” answers all the time. Ask for and model how to ask for help.
  • Minor changes to other sections for tone.

Next Steps

  • Next meeting: March 20, 2023
  • Present to Mid-Manager Team at Quarterly Mid-Management Meeting in June, 2023
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