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TOP: Team Ownership Process

So you want to start a project...

Embarking on a new project isn't easy, so we put together a few resources to get you started on the right track. Every project needs to start with a strong foundation with clear objectives, well-defined roles, and an action plan tied to deadlines. We call it the Team Ownership Process (TOP). Below are some basic steps to get you off and running. Once you master the basics, scroll down to find more in-depth resources.

Project Quick Start

Step 1: Scope the project, frame the challenge, and define roles.

Start by checking off the key responsibilities in the Team Ownership Process (TOP). Use this worksheet to define roles & responsibilities, identify stakeholders, and create clear goals with deadlines.

Step 2: Create a project timeline to keep your project on track. 

We have project timeline templates that you can use to track progress on your project. You aren't limited to the tools we provide you, if another method or tool works better for your project, use it. Just be sure you are tracking tasks and deadlines to reach your goal.

Step 3: Rely on the Team Ownership Process to overcome obstacles.

You might get stuck along the way. Getting stuck is okay, as long as you get unstuck and not let obstacles stop the momentum of your project.  Use the guidelines below to find more tools to make your project successful.

The Team Ownership Process (TOP)

How we work together, across departments:

Create ownership icon

Agree on ownership of cross department work / projects.

  • Convene your team; establish roles and responsibilities.
  • Who is the “owner,” ultimately responsible for getting this done?
Identify stakeholders icon

Identify stakeholders, inside and outside the organization.

  • Who needs to know about this?
  • Who can help you get this done?
Communicate icon

Communicate and collaborate.

  • How are you going to communicate as a group?
  • How will you get input from stakeholders & maintain feedback loop?
Establish milestones icon

Establish milestones and report results.

  • Create a project plan with tasks, a timeline, and deadlines.
  • How will you measure success?
Obstacles icon

When obstacles arise...

  • Ask “why” a lot. What is the root cause of the obstacle?
  • Demonstrate you tried to solve it together first; then escalate.

This toolkit includes guidance, strategies, templates and worksheets to help you work in teams and get stuff done.

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