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Presentations are for sharing information, gaining support for your ideas, and big and small meetings.

Best Practices

  • Content
    • Write short sentences
    • Use simple words
    • Limit text to key points
    • Number sequential steps (otherwise use bullets)
  • Typography
    • Use sans serif fonts
    • Make the text bigger (24 - 60 pt headers; 18 - 24 pt body)
    • Use ALL CAPS sparingly
    • Left justify text
    • Choose one way to emphasize text
  • Color
    • Use light text on a dark background and dark text on a light background
    • Keep color-blindness in mind
  • Layout
    • Highlight a call to action (you should only have one)
    • Use 2 - 3 font sizes to create hierarchy in importance of information
    • Leave white space
    • Put related items close together
  • Images
    • Use full page or half page images
    • Credit images unless they are public domain


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