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Project Management

Strong project management is key to getting work done on time.

Roles & Responsibilities

Use the “DOHRI” framework to establish the following roles for your project team:

  • Director. Assigns responsibility and holds ultimate decision-making power. Makes suggestions, asks hard questions, reviews progress, serves as a resource, and intervenes if the work is off-track. Could be an individual or a group.
  • Owner.  Has overall responsibility for the success or failure of the project. Ensures that all the work gets done (directly or with helpers) and that the right people are involved. There should only be one accountable party (usually the project manager).
  • Helper. Assists with or does some of the work, as assigned to them.
  • Resource. Should be asked for input and/or serves as a resource because of subject matter expertise or lived experience.
  • Informed. Should be informed about the project (likely because they will be impacted by the project in some way).

Collaboration Tools


Microsoft OneDrive

  • Share and collaborate on documents from anywhere, including at home or on your phone
  • Everyone who you invite can access what they need when they need it
  • Collaborative editing and version tracking
  • Real time updates
  • Login using your City account
  • Help & Tutorials


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