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Fun Committee

The Fun Committee is a working group focused building bonds across the City through special events, storytelling, and celebrating the awesome accomplishments of our teams.  

Events   |   How do we build connection and relationships across the City with events that bring us together?  

  • Volunteers work with Departments to host “Let’s _____ Together” events.  
  • Designate Department’s to host and organize events.   
  • Assist in communication from the Committee to all staff promoting events  
  • Provide budget information  
  • Track which departments have/have not hosted an event  
  • Be available to answer questions and offer information  

Storytelling   |   How to we tell the story of accomplishments across the City and TSR culture?  

  • Film and create short clips of ‘Let’s ____ Together’ events  
  • Collaborate with DEIB Committee to highlight their work  
  • Collaborate with Recognition to highlight employee’s wins  

Recognition  |   How do we celebrate our successes and recognize achievements?  

  • Select an employee to be highlighted for a recent victory to celebrate the wins on our teams, outside of the employee of the quarter   
  • Conduct a City-wide survey to determine how employees prefer to be appreciated  

How long is the commitment? 

  • 1-2 years; ideally 2 years and then people would rotate out an annual basis. 
  • Not required to make a 2-year commitment.  

How much of a time commitment is it by month? 

  • Committee to meet as a whole group every other month.  
  • Between 4-8 hours every other month depending upon the level of special projects the participant is interested and available to work on at any given time. 

Apply to join the Fun Committee! 

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