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DPW Storm Tracking


During an event of a storm, it is important to code your timesheets to the accurate code so in the case of potential reimbursement, we can easily track everyone's time.

Typically, when filling out your timesheets, you don't fill in any codes if you are documenting regular time. However, in the case of a storm please use the following storm codes in your timesheets:

If you are a regular full-time employee:

  • Regular pay: 10strm
  • Overtime earned: 21strm
  • Comp time earned: 46strm
Full-time employees example timesheet for storms
If you are a fixed-term employee:

  • Regular pay: 81strm
  • Overtime earned: 21strm
Fixed-term employees timesheets for storms
If you are a temp employee:

  • Overtime earned: 21strm

Please note: Do not use any FEMA codes (any timecode ending in "fema")

Storm expenses (invoices from contractors)

Invoices related to storm events include Treemasters for emergency tree removal, emergency pump station repairs, contractors placing krail, hiring an excavator, geotechnical consultants called in to look at a landslide, etc.

During storm After storm, once invoice arrives
Spreadsheet for tracking storm expenses Write down the Date(s), Contractor (or consultant) called, and a note about what the work was they were asked to do (Comments - Scope). Add in Billing/invoice number and $ Amount
Folder for storm-related invoices N/A Place all scanned copies of invoices in this folder. Use file naming convention "date, vendor, inv #"

e.g. "3.05.20 Walmart INV12345.pdf"


Dispatchers, please use the following spreadsheet to enter in call logs.

Employees' cell phone numbers:

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