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Public Works New Employee Onboarding

So you're bringing on a new employee...

Once a new hire has signed their offer letter, supervisors should immediately email that offer letter to the entire DPW Admin team to kick off the onboarding process.

For each new hire, the Public Works New Employee Onboarding Plan and Checklist linked below must be downloaded and saved as a shared file for both Admin and the Supervisor to collaboratively edit.

Save all in-progress checklists in the Onboarding  Checklist folder on the DPW Sharepoint.

Useful websites for new employees

First, make sure all new employees visit HR's New Employee Onboarding page

Recommended browser bookmarks

Online email portal Accessing your email, OneDrive, and Calendar from a browser
Google Maps San Rafael Google map view of San Rafael
HR Webportal Timesheets
GIS City internal GIS. To get access to GIS, please fill out this form to receive your user-specific login
Marin Map Public countywide GIS
Buildingeye Map of encroachment permits in San Rafael
City of San Rafael Sharepoint Cross-departmental documents and groups
San Rafael Municipal Code Code of ordinances
Public Works employee website For DPW employees, not the public. Note: this website is publicly accessible
Public Works public website Might also want to bookmark "Active Projects" webpage
HR New Employee Onboarding page (employee website) Info about San Rafael and a ton of useful links at the bottom of the page
Finance Purchasing Overview page (employee website) Also check out "Everything Invoices" and "RFP/Contracting" pages on Finance employee website
Finance Eden Resources How to guides, vendor list, All DPW Projects
City Council Meetings webpage 2020 and 2021 agendas and staff reports
Public Records Portal Archived contracts, City Council items pre-2020, etc. For a guide on how to use the portal see City Council items page and Search for Agreements on DPW employee website
Proudcity login For editing the Public or Employee websites
CP Connect login The City's CRM system
Uniform Construction Standards Marin County Public Works
Submit a service request to Caltrans Caltrans website for the public
City templates (employee website) Letterhead, envelope and PowerPoint Templates
Branding guidelines (employee website) Logo & seal, signature format, colors, typography,  and photography

Land development and encroachment  permit team websites

Califonia legislative information: Subdivisions Legislative information on subdivisions
MCSTOPPP Stormwater program
City business licenses Business licences
Contractors State License Board

Check a Contractor License or Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) Registration

Engineering Division

Bluebeam, Inc. Markup AutoCAD documents (ask supervisor for access due to limited licenses)

Admin only websites

Amazon Office, tech supplies
Staples Office, tech supplies
Quickbooks login City invoices
Marin County Print Shop Printing services
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