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Sidewalk Program Management

Internal Management

Before construction

  1. Property owner contacts Van Midde
  2. Van Midde inspects property, issues property owner Sidewalk Repair Program agreement which includes estimate for work
  3. Property owner signs agreement and emails signed copy to
  4. City receives agreement, enters address, property contact info, concrete square footage into Sidewalk Program tracking spreadsheet (see link above)
  5. City signs agreement, sends to property and Van Midde. Saves copy of City-signed agreement in Saved signed agreements folder (see link above). Naming convention for pdf in the folder should be "Date agreement signed by City SRP - Address". E.g. "20210617 SRP - 111 Morphew St"
  6. City sends copy of City-signed agreement to Van Midde and property owner
  7. City enters address into Trakit as encroachment permit

During construction

  • If tree removal required, Van Midde coordinates with Ray Moritz and/or Jorge Tree Service
  • For questions re: tree removal, storm drain impacts, etc. Van Midde contacts Ryan Montes (DPW Operations and Maintenance Manager)

After construction

  1. Van Midde coordinates with Streets dept for pavements
  2. Van Midde invoice to City includes 1) address 2) total cost 3) # of ROW trees removed. Van Midde sends invoice to City.
  3. City receives invoice and enters # of ROW removed (if any) and cost and invoice # under Final Contractor Invoice in Sidewalk Program tracking spreadsheet (see link above)
  4. City enters final Property Owner amount in Trakit encroachment permit and generates invoice. Emails to resident and marks invoice date as "Date Resident Invoiced". If ROW tree is removed then Property owner also provided a Tree replanting form with the invoice.
  5. Once check received, invoice in Trakit is closed and City marks "Date paid" and "City Receipt #" in Sidewalk Program tracking spreadsheet.
  6. If a Tree Replanting form is received - City will saved in the Sidewalk Program tree replanting forms folder "Date of corresponding Van Midde invoice SRP Tree replanting - Address". E.g. "20210617 SRP Tree replanting - 111 Morphew St"
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