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Mailing – Postage Guidelines

Do you need to send bulk mail to members of the public for public noticing or promotion of a program or event?

Here are the processes the City has in place to support your team in purchasing postage and sending mail out to the public.

  1. Postage machine in City Hall (preferred)– The City has a central fund to pay postage for mail that can be stamped at City Hall.
    • Public notice postcards
    • Bulk letter mailing and flats
  2. Specialized Print Jobs with Third Party Printers (preferred) – If you have a specialized print job that uses an outside company, we recommend checking with that printing company to see if postage can be bundled in the print job. Printers typically have their own postage indicia (indicia is a printed graphic that signifies to the United States Post Office that postage on a particular piece will be paid by using a mailing permit). These printing companies will charge the City (your department) for postage and deliver print bundles to the post office. This is our recommendation for sending special print or marketing materials. These projects include:
    • Magazine/catalogs – similar to the Activity Guide
    • Glossy trifolds or pamphlets with unique printing requirements
  3. Using the City Mailing Permit (not preferred, but available) – The City has its own USPS print permit, but it requires your Department to fund the permit for your particular mailing before dropping off mail to the post office. USPS now requires that all postage is prepaid online prior to mailing. You will need a USPS account to access mailing. Bulk mailing can be sent either directly to addresses (generated by staff) or using direct mail which sends to residential or business customers within postal routes. Once you have paid postage in the account you will need to drop off mailing bundles directly to the main post office on Bellam Blvd. If you are using Direct Mailing all postage will need to be bundled by routes and labeled by each routing number.
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