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Promoting events, workshops & meetings

Promote your event or meeting to the public via social media, the City Manager newsletter 'Snapshot,' the City's website, and email notifications.

Social Media (Nextdoor, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

If your department or division does not have a social media account, provide a short and compelling description, link to more information and an image to Rebecca.

  • For Nextdoor posts, please provide full URLs and no hyperlinked text.
  • For Twitter, please craft your message within 140 characters. The City has a general account as well as Public Works, the Library, community centers, Police and Fire departments.
  • For Instagram, please provide a square image and a very brief caption. The key information should be within the image.
  • Also, Canva is a free graphic design tool you can use to create social media-friendly images. And, here's 'Ten Tips to Teach yourself Design.'

City Manager newsletter: Snapshot

Provide the City Manager's with a short and compelling description, including a link to more information. Snapshot is sent on Thursdays prior to City Council meetings, which are held 1st & 3rd Mondays. Please submit your post to the City Manager's office by the Wednesday before it's published.

Adding an event to the website

Step 1: Login at

Step 2: Select 'Event' from the +New menu

Add a new event

Step 3: Add event details and click 'Publish'

Adding event details

Sending an email notification

Step 1: Login at and click ‘Campaigns’ in the top left.

New Mailchimp campaign

Step 2: Find a previous campaign for an event and select ‘Replicate’ from the menu on the right. For a community event, use the 'Events & Things to Do' list. For other audiences, contact Rebecca to determine which list is the most appropriate.

Replicate Mailchimp campaign

Step 3: Confirm the correct group is selected and click Next in the bottom right corner.

Confirm Mailchimp list

Step 4: Create a campaign name and subject line for the email. You can also modify the From Name and email address if you want or you can use the default. When you’re done, click ‘Next’ on the bottom right.

Write MailChimp subject line

Step 5: Modify the campaign for the new event. On the left hand side is your canvas; on the right is where you edit content. When you click on a widget, the right side of the screen turns into an edit tool. You can drag and drop new widgets into the canvas or modify the existing widgets. You can move, edit, copy or delete widgets by hovering over and selecting the corresponding icon on the top of the widget. Here are some tips:

  • Always remember to use a preheader at the top of the campaign.
  • Double-check the footer to make sure the Contact Us info is up-to-date.
  • Add ‘Social Share’ widgets to people can share the message on their social media accounts and use the ‘Social Follow’ widget to direct people to our social media accounts. When using ‘Social Follow’ remember to edit and direct them to our accounts.
  • Use a ‘Button’ widget to drive people to certain action, like ‘BUY TICKETS’ or ‘REGISTER.’
  • Preview or send yourself (and others) a test email by selecting ‘Preview and Test’ from the top banner. It’s very important to check that your campaign looks good on a mobile device (that’s how most people will read it). It’s best to send yourself a test and check on your phone.
  • You can save your work and come back later by selecting ‘Save and Exit.’

Once you are ready to send, click ‘Next’ on the bottom right.

Modify Mailchimp campaign

Step 6: In the bottom right corner, click ‘Send’ to send the campaign now or ‘Schedule’ to send the campaign at a later date/time.

Send or schedule Mailchimp campaign

After the campaign is sent, you can check the analytics by clicking ‘View Report’ in either the Campaign section or Reports section.

View Mailchimp campaign analytics

Close window