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What to know as a Website Editor

Welcome to being Website Editor! The City Website is a crucial communication tool between the government and the public. Our goal is to create accurate content, maintain information, and provide accessible resources. All our roles as City Website Editors is ensuring a high standard of quality and relevance.

Find more information on what goes into being a Website Editor and familiarize yourself on how to get assistance for different issues!

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Website Roles

Department Website Manager Website Contributor Digital Services
  • Primary website lead for the Department
  • Represents Department in website projects, audits, governance
  • Manages department pages and contributes content
  • Contribute Department website content
  • Updates pages, articles, events, etc.
  • Assists in website projects
  • Content strategy
  • Integrating new website tools
  • Coordinating Citywide website improvements
  • Best practices, design standards, and governance
  • Training the trainer

What to know about your role as a Website Editor

Check out our videos on the different roles in managing the website.

Here is a quick video on Digital’s Role.

Digital’s Role

Here is a quick video on how the website is managed.

Website Management Roles

Here is a quick introduction video on what to know about being a website editor


Standards and Best Practices / Accessibility

Check out our videos on our standards and best practices when creating or updating content on the website.


Text to copy onto your web page:

  • English: To translate this page, click on the globe icon and select your language
  • Spanish: Para traducir esta página, haga clic en el icono del globo terráqueo y seleccione su idioma

Here is a quick introduction video on Accessibility and Language Translation.

Introduction to ProudCity


  1. Find an editor to review content before it goes on the web
  2. Consider language, tone, and audience
  3. Publish on the website first before promoting on social media
  4. Don’t freak out! we have version control!

Here is a quick video on Digital’s suggested Editorial Process for uploading content onto the website.

Editorial Process

Here is a quick video on best practices when uploading content to the website.

Best Practices


Things to keep in mind:

  • User Needs
  • Embrace Accessibility
  • Use Plain Language
  • Consider style, tone, and voice

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Here is a quick video on Standards and Best Practices.

Standards and Best Practices

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