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FAQ Topic: Working Remotely

How do I get a webcam?

Departments are responsible for purchasing their own webcams, so you will need to talk to your supervisor or whoever is in charge of your department’s purchasing. Here are the specifications we recommend: Be compatible with Windows 10 Connection type should be USB Have a built-in mic The maximum resolution should be between: 720p/30fps – 1080p/30fps … Continued

Work from Home Security Tips

Now is a good time to think about the passwords you use. If you’re using simple passwords like “lovely” or “password1” it’s a good time to upgrade them to more secure passwords. Length is more important than complexity, though both have a role. Your password should be at least 14 characters long, and not an … Continued

How do I secure my equipment at home?

If you are using personal devices to work from home, we don’t have the same capabilities to make sure you are secure. Follow these basic steps to help ensure you are working from secure equipment. Change your router’s default password. This will ensure that the configurations you make like enabling Wi-Fi encryption and setting a … Continued

How do I secure my workspace at home?

Pick a space that’s private. Select a place where people can’t “shoulder surf”; look over your shoulder at what’s on your screen. If you can’t find a private place to work, consider getting a privacy filter. This is a shield, of sorts, that attaches to your screen and makes it difficult to read what’s on … Continued

How to I access City network drives and software systems?

To support working from home, we are using a solution called Remote Desktop. This will allow you to access the City’s network drives and common software systems from your home computer. You will be able to use most, if not all, of the software you are used to including all the Microsoft products, Eden, Trakit, … Continued

How do I set up multifactor authentication (and what the heck is it)?

For security purposes, we are requiring employees working from home to set up multifactor authentication (MFA) on a mobile device. This will protect the City network from cyberthreats.   Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that verifies a user’s identity through multiple ways. When you sign onto the City network, you will receive a notification from … Continued

How do I schedule a conference / video call?

When you schedule a meeting in O365 Calendar, you can make it a conference call and/or video meeting by making it a “Teams” meeting. This will provide meeting participants with a link and/or a phone number to join the meeting remotely. Here are step-by-step instructions. Everyone has the ability to create a Teams meeting, but only … Continued

How do I check my voicemail?

You need to know your phone extension and voicemail password.  From any phone, dial (415) 485-3456. Follow the voice prompt.

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