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How do I secure my workspace at home?

Pick a space that’s private. Select a place where people can’t “shoulder surf”; look over your shoulder at what’s on your screen.
If you can’t find a private place to work, consider getting a privacy filter. This is a shield, of sorts, that attaches to your screen and makes it difficult to read what’s on your screen unless you’re
right in front of it.

If you’re having conference calls or video meetings, be aware of whether other people might be able to eavesdrop, even inadvertently. Even if (sometimes especially if) you’re wearing
headphones. Other people may still be able to hear your voice when you speak. Make sure you’re using video meeting software with advanced security features like Microsoft Teams.

Don’t allow family members to use your work devices. If you have to walk away from your device to go to the kitchen or bathroom, lock your device to prevent others from seeing what you’re
working on.

Press Windows logo key + L on a Windows device, or Control + Command + Q on a Mac, to quickly lock your screen.

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