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Work from Home Security Tips

Now is a good time to think about the passwords you use. If you’re using simple passwords like “lovely” or “password1” it’s a good time to upgrade them to more secure passwords. Length is more important than complexity, though both have a role. Your password should be at least 14 characters long, and not an English word or your dog’s name. Consider using a phrase like a favorite song lyric, movie quote, or poem to create a password that’s long and complex but easy to remember.

Now, more than ever, resist the temptation to use unapproved tools or store data outside of company resources. If you need something you don’t have in order to get your job done, ask
Xantrion or escalate through your management chain. It’s entirely possible that you’ll discover systems that don’t work well when you’re not at the office. Now is the perfect time to let us know so you can work through those issues together.

Be alert for phishing emails. Criminals try to take advantage of fear and uncertainty by sending email that appears to be from authorities, or company officers, in an attempt to lure you into
clicking on malicious links, or providing your private information.

Never click an attachment you weren’t expecting, even if it appears to be from somebody you know. Always best to check back with that person to make sure the attachment is legitimate before you open it.

If you get an email asking you to sign into a site, open a new tab in your browser and type the URL in yourself (or access it via a trusted bookmark) rather than clicking a link in the email.

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