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How do I set up multifactor authentication (and what the heck is it)?

For security purposes, we are requiring employees working from home to set up multifactor authentication (MFA) on a mobile device. This will protect the City network from cyberthreats.  

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security measure that verifies a user’s identity through multiple ways. When you sign onto the City network, you will receive a notification from your mobile device. Once you press the Verify button, your sign on will be complete. If you don’t confirm by pressing Verify, the sign on will be denied. This protects against someone using your sign on credentials to access the City network. Unless they have your phone too, our network stays safe. To enable this, we first need you to complete the Emergency Operations Wireless Policy waiver.

Here are the MFA set up instructions. If you need assistance, contact Xantrion at (510) 272-4701.

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