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FAQ Topic: Equipment & Technology

Additional Tips for Managing Mobile Costs

Remind staff about in-network vs. out-of-network calls – Phone calls cost 6 cents a minute when calling a landline. Limit personal usage to landlines and when calling a known landline use a landline if possible. Just one hour of landline calls a day from the cell phone in a work month will incur $72 dollars … Continued

How Do I Audit My Mobile Accounts?

Login to your account at  Conduct and Overview of Voice and Mobile: Compare lines with your office directory – Check to see if retired or departed staff members are on the list. If you are unsure if a line is in use, text or call lines in question. Update directory of lines/devices to match phones … Continued

Activating and Loading Applications

After the phone has been received, follow the following instructions to activate the phone If the phone is a replacement phone you will want to make sure that the original phone has been backed up. iPhones can be backed up through the iCloud or iTunes. Click here to learn more about backing up iPhones. For … Continued

Ordering a Phone or Device

Double-check the customer’s preferences – Have you asked what type of phone operating system he or she prefers? Do they need accessories? Be sure to double-check prior to ordering. Go to Select “My Business Account” Sign In with your user name and password. If you do not have an account contact the IT Help Desk. After … Continued

Check Upgrade Eligibility

Does the employee already have a phone? If so, they may be eligible for an upgrade. Click here to check their upgrade eligibility. Swap eligibility with another line – If the phone line is not eligible for an upgrade you can trade eligibility with another line.  If you do not currently have eligible lines in … Continued

Check in with the Customer – What Type of Device Will You Order?

Great service is about knowing what your customer wants and needs. Check with the user to see what type of device they want to use (iPhone, Galaxy, etc). Accessories – Does the user need accessory preferences (charger, protection case)? How will they be using the new device? For most users the Consumption Voice Plan will … Continued

Are You Ordering for a New Phone Line?

Look for available lines first Start by reviewing the phones on your account.  It’s possible you have 1 or 2 spares that you can assign to a new person.  They may have been devices used by people that have recently left, and their old phone number and/or device can now be reassigned.  If you do … Continued

Who gets a mobile phone or device?

Create guidelines for mobile device eligibility  Each department is responsible for outlining which roles are permitted or required to have a mobile phone. Before ordering a phone for a new employee consult with your department or division manager to determine if a phone is required for the position.

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