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Activating and Loading Applications

  • After the phone has been received, follow the following instructions to activate the phone
  • If the phone is a replacement phone you will want to make sure that the original phone has been backed up.
    • iPhones can be backed up through the iCloud or iTunes. Click here to learn more about backing up iPhones.
    • For Samsung devices click here to learn how to backup data.
  • Once the old phone has been backed up, power it down before activating the new phone.
  • Once the phone has been activated, you can instruct the user on loading applications.
    • Outlook is the preferred application for checking email
    • OneDrive, Word, and Excel should be loaded for ease of access to files and documents.
  • Once the new phone has been activated, return the old device to the IT Department. They will remove all personal data from the phone.
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