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FAQ Topic: Product Management

Transforming the Mission

Ultimately, product management is the framework for transforming government culture, re-orienting how public service workers — from administrative to executive — collaborate with one another and the people they serve, and a stronger sense of service they have while doing it. As forward-thinking government organizations increasingly adopt and champion the principles of product management, this … Continued

Building on Our Principles

Over the past several years, the City of San Rafael has been working to re-imagine  workplace culture through the Together San Rafael initiative. The Together San Rafael guiding principles provide a philosophical foundation for this cultural transformation, and the product management framework help put these principles into action. Product management puts the user, or customer, at the center … Continued

Always getting better

It can be easy for resource-constrained, overworked government teams to fall into habit, simply executing existing — sometimes dated — programs without holistically and continuously analyzing their effectiveness. At times, the success metric for service value is misunderstood or misaligned. “We must always keep a focus on the value we are delivering to the public,” … Continued

Government as a product

Product management in government has been adopted globally, from national digital services organizations like the U.S. Digital Service, 18F and the UK Government Digital Service to cities large and small. In the context of product management, the City of San Rafael has numerous products of its own, from the fire department’s vegetation management program to … Continued

Product Management vs. Project Management

A product can be a service, process, report, policy, web application or website that satisfies the needs of a group of users. It goes through a life cycle, being developed and introduced on the market, grown and improved upon, and retired once it’s no longer needed.  A project is a one-at-a-time endeavour with the goal … Continued

Product Management – What is it?

Product management is how companies create things that people want to use, love using, and seek out over their competitors. We want to bring some of those same practices into San Rafael’s government context, so that our service experiences are enjoyable, easy, and never things people dread having to do. Product management is defined as … Continued

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