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This is the template to use for sending out surplus equipment notifications to Local Tax-exempt Organizations (Step 3 of the Surplus Equipment Process)

Key Tips

  • Since you've just sent out the e-mail notification to City Departments, we recommend copy and pasting the items and descriptions you sent to them, and then removing any items that were claimed

Subject: Free City Office Equipment Available 

Hi All, 

As a part of the City of San Rafael’s efforts to reduce its waste footprint and support the local community, we are looking to donate used office equipment to any interested local organization, school, or nonprofit.

Please note that these items are intended for use by local organizations and are not meant for individual or private use. However, it is acceptable if an interested organization would like to collect the items in order to donate it to any community members that they serve.

Furthermore, these items are available for donation "as is." The City of San Rafael provides no warranty or guarantee as to the condition or usability of these items.

We will award the items on a first-come first-serve basis, so act quickly if you think your organization could make use of them. Please note that you must make arrangements to come pick up the items yourself. The items will remain available for approximately one week.

If you’re interested in any of the items below, please reply to this email with the copy and pasted item description and image.

  • Office Desk, 70.5” wide X 34.5” deep X 29.5” tall 

picture of desk

  • Meeting Table Chairs (6 available), 28” wide, adjustable height 

image of chairs

  • Office Supplies, binders, organizers, etc. 

image of office supplies

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