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City Credit Cards

City Credit Cards Overview

The Purchasing Division manages City-issued payment cards, also known as CAL-Cards.


A CAL-Card is a purchasing tool offered to City employees who are responsible for procuring goods and services for their department. The CAL-Card is used for purchasing low-dollar items; it has no effect on the cardholder’s personal credit. The CAL-Card provides City employees with a quick and convenient method of payment.

Cardholder Responsibilities

As a cardholder, what are my responsibilities each month? Cardholders must submit all receipts for each transaction along with their signed monthly credit card statement. Cardholders must also code each individual transaction on their statement with a 14-digit account code (e.g. 001-44-11001-9270) or 7-digit project code (e.g. 11357-01). Refer to the Department’s Financial Manager for assistance with regards to which number should be noted for each transaction. If a receipt for a transaction has been lost, the cardholder must indicate this on the statement and initial the purchase. See details below for additional requirements for meal receipts.

When can Credit Cards not be used? Rental or leave of land or buildings, or prescription medicines or other controlled substances.

What if a disputed/faulty charge shows up on my statement? It is the Cardholder/Department’s responsibility to settle disputes with vendors over returning items or a false charge.

What if I lose my credit card? Employees should notify the Department within 24 hours. The Department must contact the credit card company and notify the Finance Director by the end of the following business day. Department must submit written report of the lost or stolen credit card to the Finance Director within 5 business days.


  • All receipts must be saved and placed in date order according to your monthly statement
  • Loose receipts must be individually taped to an 8.5x11 piece of paper


When can City funds be used to pay for a meal? For a substantial City business purpose, and when participants are engaging in City business during the meal. All meal expenses must be pre-approved by the Department Director or Manager. Note: Alcohol is not an approved meal expense.

What must be documented?

  • Itemized receipts for all transactions (note: a credit card charge copy is not a receipt)
  • The date of the expense and name and location of the meal
  • The business purpose of the meal
  • The names of the participants and their titles or other information establishing their business relationship with the individual incurring the expense

What is the dollar limit per meal? There is no specific limit for meal purchases, but must be “reasonable”: the amount that normally would be spent in that specific situation and that would not be flagged during an audit.

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