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Office 365 Migration and Training Program

Digital is excited to announce to our City team that Digital is launching a Citywide software training program in conjunction with our migration to Office 365 for Citywide Teams. Over the past few years City teams have adapted in different ways to the software tools at our disposal, especially in the response to COVID-19. Digital … Continued

Digital Update: Moving Mountains, We’re Here to Help, & More

How Do You Move a Mountain? Taking on San Rafael’s ERP Project   The City of San Rafael’s ERP system EDEN is the primary financial tool for budgeting, payroll, cashiering, purchasing, and human resource management and has been in use since 2002. While it  continues to support our City’s day-to-day financial needs, the software has reached … Continued

Digital Update: New Project Management Software, ISP Accounts Reduced, and More

Digital Pilots New Project Management Software Digital Service has selected a new tool to centralize the management of inter-departmental projects, triage incoming requests, and measure progress against strategic goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).  Asana is a robust project management tool that allows for task tracking across projects and departments that we will begin rolling … Continued

Digital Update: Digital’s Quarterly Roadmap, Spanish Snapshot, Permitting, & More

Digital Quarterly Roadmap  Following our one year mark from the start of the pandemic, Digital is actively working to help our city “build back better” by digitizing city services and digitally up-skilling our city workforce. This week, Digital met to discuss our quarterly roadmap and new sprint planning process. Our department roadmap defines the needs we’re seeing across the city, theories on how to … Continued

Digital Update: New Director, First Floor Construction Progress, & More

Welcome Jess! Last week, Digital welcomed our new director, Jessica MacLeod! Jess has been busy getting situated, meeting with members of our organization and learning about the tools, workflows, and group dynamics of our team. During Monday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Kate, councilmembers, and other city staff joined in welcoming Jess to the organization 😊. … Continued

Digital Update: Canal WiFi, Digital Marin, Wildand Map, & More

Canal WiFi Goes Live at Kerner Campus The Canal WiFi network expanded to a new location this month after Marin County and MarinIT installed 3 Access Points on the roofs of the Health and Human Services Campus located at 3301 Kerner Boulevard, further expanding the coverage of the network throughout the neighborhood. These access point locations were designed to serve the adjacent parking lot area, reaching much of the Cardenas … Continued

Digital Update: A Year of Public Information in Review, Maps & Apps, Bookings, & More

Emergency operations public messaging has settled into a regular rhythm after a year of adapting to the changing landscape of COVID-19. Our team continues to collaborate with the County of Marin, community partners, and regional agencies to synchronize COVID-19 messaging to our community. The response to our community messaging has been positive. Our email newsletter read-rate remains strong, and we continue to see an increased amount of social media … Continued

Digital Update: New Digital Director, Citywide Needs Assessment

Digital Welcomes New Director  We are thrilled to be welcoming Jessica Macleod as the new Director of our Digital Team! We’re looking forward to bringing Jessica into the fold as soon as she comes on board April 1st—we have some big and exciting projects queued up this year and Jessica is the perfect person to help our team ship them out! Fun fact: As you have probably heard, Jessica is one of the Co-Founders at U.S. Digital … Continued

Digital Update: Cybersecurity, Events Permit Project, & GIS

Cybersecurity Awareness The next cybersecurity training module will be available Monday, February 8th. Employees will receive an email from with a brief description of the training and a link to your training session. The training takes about 45 minutes and should be completed by the end of the month. Why is this important? Security … Continued

Digital Update: Digital Workshops, Multifactor Authentication, the PSC, & more

Digital Workshops – New Approach to Budget Planning for Distributed Teams  In preparation for budget planning our team has started forecasting projects for the next fiscal year. Strategic planning with remote, distributed teams can be a challenge, but there are a number of digital tools our team uses to make collaboration work seamlessly. To help foster team contributions and share ideas in this workshop we used Google Jamboard, a tool that uses digital … Continued

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