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FAQ Topic: Leaves of Absence

Your Responsibilities While on Leave

The most important part of your responsibilities while on leave is to remain in communication with your department, particularly if there is a foreseeable change to your return date whether you plan to return sooner or later than first expected. If there is an extension to your return date send in the appropriate Medical Certification … Continued

Benefits/Possible Changes

During the time you are on FMLA/CFRA or PDL, the City-paid portion of health (flex dollar contribution) and other benefits (dental, vision, life, LTD) will continue and any employee portion will be deducted from your paycheck. If you run out of accrued paid time off while on any protected leave, you will be placed on … Continued

How You Are Paid While on Leave

While FMLA, CFRA and PDL provide job-protection and maintenance of benefits to eligible employees, the protected time off is unpaid. Therefore you must use your own leave accruals while on an FMLA/CFRA or PDL and, if eligible, integrate supplemental income such as State Disability Insurance (SDI) and/or Paid Family Leave (PFL).  Both SDI and PFL … Continued


You will receive from Human Resources a notice of approval, provisional approval, or denial via US mail within a few days after they have received the medical certification from you. The letter will include contact information for you to call or email with any questions or concerns about your leave of absence.

Medical Certification

The FMLA/CFRA Medical Certification Form must certify that the absence is required for a ‘serious health condition’ of the employee or the employee’s family member. It must include: Start date of the condition The expected duration of absence The anticipated return to work date Signature of the health care provider The certification must not include … Continued

Requesting Leave

When absence is foreseeable, provide your supervisor with 30 days’ notice before taking a medical leave of absence under FMLA/CFRA. Foreseeable leaves of absence include pre-scheduled surgery and time off for child birth, and/or to bond with a new child. Complete the Request for Family and Medical Leave form. Should you need a leave of … Continued

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