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Benefits/Possible Changes

During the time you are on FMLA/CFRA or PDL, the City-paid portion of health (flex dollar contribution) and other benefits (dental, vision, life, LTD) will continue and any employee portion will be deducted from your paycheck. If you run out of accrued paid time off while on any protected leave, you will be placed on Leave Without Pay, during which time you will continue to receive the City’s contribution towards your benefits and must make a payment arrangement with Human Resources to pay directly for the balance due for any employee portion of your premiums.

Unpaid Leave of Absence After Protected FMLA/CFRA or PDL

There are times when employees must remain on unpaid medical leave beyond protected FMLA/CFRA. In this case, in order to maintain your benefits coverage, you must pay the full premium contributions for yourself and any enrolled dependents. Payments are made directly to Human Resources. It is your responsibility to work with HR to make a payment arrangement or make temporary changes to your benefits enrollment. Failure to make timely premium payments can result in the termination of your benefits, which may not be reinstated until you return to work or during Open Enrollment.

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