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How You Are Paid While on Leave

While FMLA, CFRA and PDL provide job-protection and maintenance of benefits to eligible employees, the protected time off is unpaid. Therefore you must use your own leave accruals while on an FMLA/CFRA or PDL and, if eligible, integrate supplemental income such as State Disability Insurance (SDI) and/or Paid Family Leave (PFL).  Both SDI and PFL are administered by the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD).

Participation in SDI/PFL is determined by bargaining unit and is an employee-paid benefit.  Currently, only members of SEIU, SEIU-Child Care, WCE and PEU Local 1 Confidential contribute to SDI.   However, employees who do not contribute through their City employment may have SDI “credit” based on any employment prior to or outside of your employment with the City of San Rafael.

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