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Silo Busters Update

The Silo Busters team from the Learning Lab tackled the struggles of permitting throughout City offices and is working on implementing some of the short term and long term suggestions that came from the learning lab process.    Since Demo Day, the implementation team has focused on identifying the top activities / permit types departments get questions about and is then trying to … Continued

Google Spent 2 Years Studying 180 Teams. The Most Successful Ones Shared These 5 Traits

Insights from Google’s new study could forever change how teams are assembled. by Michael Schneider Over the years, Google has embarked on countless quests, collected endless amounts of data, and spent millions trying to better understand its people. One of the company’s most interesting initiatives, Project Aristotle, gathered several of Google’s best and brightest to help the organization … Continued

3 Tips for Designing Municipal Tools with Employees in Mind

While many cities offer technical tools to municipal workers, many are not well suited to employees’ needs. A number of years ago, a Midwestern state rolled out a comprehensive procurement system that allowed state employees to identify purchases based on 1,400 different categories. However, despite the specificity built into the system, the state was surprised … Continued

AgileGovCon 2017

*UPDATE: Did you miss any talks from AgileGovCon? Watch the videos and view speaker decks. Public service leaders wanting to learn more about agile project management and its specific applications to government can register (free) for AgileGovCon 2017. The virtual mini-conference, hosted by Agile Government Leadership, is June 1 and is “dedicated to helping people in all levels of government … Continued

Employee-Driven Process Improvements

Cities, counties, and states are increasingly giving employees the tools they need to tap into their ideas and innovate the processes and policies that govern their work. Frontline employees are the ones who often best know how to solve a problem because they live and breathe it in their daily work — theirs is a … Continued

Together San Rafael Meeting Guide for 5-23

Meeting Guide SLIDES Advisory Committee members: Laraine Gittens, Lindsay Lara, Lauren Crandell, DJ Heckler, Pat Nolan, Raffi Boloyan, Ashley Howe, Steve Mason, Lidia Que, Anthoney Heaven, Andrea Gilles, Jason Hatfield, Paul Bowermaster, Cameron Mrsny, Garrett Northern, Kyle Reuter, Trina Vadon, Anthony Alviso, Sylvia Gonzales, Vinh Pham, Mireya Renteria, William Calhoun, Joan Peck, Crystal Marker, Blake … Continued

Innovation You’ve Been Looking For

SPOILER ALERT: IT’S PEOPLE From Slate Communications Slate just returned from the Transforming Local Government conference in Tulsa, OK, hosted by the Alliance for Innovation. The speakers about innovation, the case studies from communities, and of course, the ideas and conversations from fellow attendees have left me inspired and ready to take on challenges with … Continued

Co-Creation Workshop: notes & survey results

Thank you to the Together San Rafael Advisory Committee for spending your morning with us to brainstorm and discuss developing a citywide innovation program. Co-Creation Workshop Summary Presentation Deck “Skills We Want to Learn” Transcription Feedback Survey Results And some photos from the day to prove it happened 😉

Department Director Workshop

Thank you to all the Department Directors for spending time with us to learn about the Together San Rafael initiative. Slides

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