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Connect to Collaborate Update

Posted on May 11, 2018

Demo Day Tour Guide

The Connect to Collaborate Learning Lab team kicked off with an inaugural meeting on May 1. Fifteen people attended and participated in four different activities, while also enjoying lunch. The first exercise was a “getting-to-know-you” process called “Step-In”, followed by a discussion. The attendees then moved to a shared “Yes, and..” demo called “Vacations”, which is built upon open communication and cooperation. Henry Bankhead, Assistant Library Director and Connect to Collaborate moderator, then presented an Ignite slide show, a set of 20 self-advancing slides of 5 minutes total duration, in which he explained how to do an Ignite slide show; he also illustrated his love and knowledge of palm trees as part of the presentation. Finally, the group experimented with another attention and communication game called “Yellow Ball” and engaged in a discussion about the challenge of trying to track multiple activities while also being present and paying attention to one another. All participants were given an online survey in order to collect feedback and give attendees a chance to volunteer to present at the next Connect to Collaborate event.

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