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Innovation You’ve Been Looking For

Posted on May 5, 2017


Slate just returned from the Transforming Local Government conference in Tulsa, OK, hosted by the Alliance for Innovation. The speakers about innovation, the case studies from communities, and of course, the ideas and conversations from fellow attendees have left me inspired and ready to take on challenges with a new perspective.

For me, this year’s conference underscores a growing theme in our industry: People Matter. I’m seeing a resurgence in the way local governments authentically support and invest in their employees, not just as workers, but as people.

From the Innovation Award winners to the many examples shared through sessions, it was clear to see tangible benefits to investing in the whole person. Happy, healthy, productive people make for better organizations and that makes for better communities, so how do we get more of that?

Here are three innovative and inspiring examples of local governments investing in the people who serve their communities:

Adams County, Colorado
Revamped workforce training by empowering employees to share their skills and knowledge, have fun, and to make a real impact. Then they extended offerings to libraries, schools, and beyond.

Las Vegas, Nevada 
Implemented an intuitive, easy to access communication tool with Amazon’s Alexa, where residents can give and receive information about streetlights and repairs needed in the city, improving the efficiency, operations, and culture.

Ontario, California
Created a unique workplace environment that increased productivity and enhanced employee wellness by connecting with them in a holistic manner. This culture resulted in increasing employee productivity by 15% and their customer service reached a 5 star Ritz Carlton level of service.

Whether a large city, small town, or private communications firm working in local government, putting people first pays dividends back to the community. And that’s innovation worth the investment.

Kim Newcomer
CEO | Founder
Slate Communications

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