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Tech Support changes starting Friday, November 1

Posted on November 1, 2019

Xantrion is tech support

We are pleased to introduce Xantrion, the City’s new technology support provider. They specialize in tech support, network administration, and cyber-security.

Over the last few weeks we’ve welcomed Xantrion team members Elaine, Jerry, Clark, Mike, Marlon, and others into our organization to get them up to speed on how things run (and sometimes don’t run) around here in San Rafael. They are hard at work absorbing our processes and identifying ways to improve issue resolution and response time, increase security, and help us save money over time.

Starting November 1, Xantrion will be providing tech support to City employees. For support, call (510) 272-4701. Our existing tech support phone number and email will forward to them, so nothing will fall through the cracks. Over the next week, we will also distribute cards and stickers with their phone number to all employees.

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