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SB 1383

The Statewide Climate Pollutant Reduction Law

SB 1383, the statewide climate-pollutant reduction law that makes it mandatory to compost food waste, food-soiled paper, and green waste, is in effect. CalRecycle has begun enforcement as of January 1st 2024, and will begin audits of all California jurisdictions to ensure compliance. For us, that means all city facilities must comply with the same standards set for businesses, and the city must additionally procure certain amounts of recycled paper. Our goal is to help you comply before the fining schedule begins.  

We are here to help! We want everyone to comply not just to avoid fines but because we believe in the regulations set by SB 1383 and their goals of reducing climate super-pollutants. As a city employee, there are only a handful of things that you need to worry about, and they can be categorized into waste collection and paper product procurement.  

Waste Collection: 

  • Marin Sanitary Service should have provided every facility with a green organic waste collection bin. Make sure that you know where this bin is and that your janitorial staff or whoever is responsible for emptying internal waste collection bins is aware of the MSS curbside bin.  
  • All facilities must provide an “adequate number, size, and location” of waste collection containers, and containers for organics and recyclables must be provided in all areas where regular waste disposal is provided, except for in bathrooms. 


Paper Product Procurement: 

  • If your department orders any paper products (like paper towels, tissues, copy paper, etc.) be aware that all paper products must contain a minimum recycled content set by SB 1383.  
  • We are currently working to standardize ordering to make compliance as easy as possible.  
  • The city is also responsible for keeping records of all paper product purchases and their recycled content.  


Please contact the sustainability help for any questions or support!


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