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August 2019 All Hands Recap

Posted on August 30, 2019


On August 27, the Department of Digital Service and Open Government held their monthly all-hands meeting.

DS All Hands Aug 2019



  • The Digital Team got together to put our action items from our department offsite, into action!
    • We kicked things off by brainstorming to create a Team Agreement – guidelines developed by the teams as to how they should work together to create a positive, productive process.
    • The team  conjured up what what conditions we work best under as individuals so that we can be the most productive at work. Some hot items included: having a clear understanding of tasks and deliverables, music, less distractions, and never going hungry – obviously.
    • These ideas helped us collaborate on which objectives are most important to us in forming our new team agreement.
  • Deep Work was introduced and discussed by Sean Mooney. Deep work refers to “cognitive depth” – our ability to work in a state of deep concentration and focus for a long period of time, without distraction or interruption. Biggest takeaways:
    • Set “Do Not Disturb” on your email.
    • Block out time on your calendar.
    • Solidify a signal so your team knows when to not disrupt your work.

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July 2019 All Hands Meeting Slide Deck

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