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FAQ Topic: Technology

How do I borrow a projector/laptop?

If you would like to borrow a projector or laptop contact  Xantrion.  It will be helpful for them if you provide as much information as you can about when you will need the equipment and if you will need help setting it up.

How do I set up the AV in a conference room?

Turn everything on: Turn projector on with the remote Manually lower the projector screen. In the large upstairs conference room at City Hall, there is no screen – just use the wall. Turn the computer on (in the Council Chambers, this is located on the dais; in conference rooms the computer is a small, gray … Continued

How do I order a new computer?

To order a new computer contact Xantrion. New computers are paid for from the Department’s budget. Once a PC is purchased it is added to the Citywide inventory and becomes part of our PC replacement program. Digital replaces existing PCs every 5 years. This includes the PC only, monitor replacements/upgrades are paid for by the … Continued

How do I change my password?

When prompt to change you password, press and hold down “CTRL + ALT + Delete” buttons on the keyboard until you see a blue screen with options. Type in your current login password on the first password line, type in your new password on the next two password lines. Select the arrow button to complete … Continued

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