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FAQ Topic: Referring Calls

Debris accumulation

For private property, refer to the Code Enforcement Division at 415-485-3097. For streets or open space areas, refer to the Public Works Department at 415-485-3355.

Illegal Fences

Refer to Code Enforcement Division at 415-485-3097.


Refer to the Police Department at 415-485-3000.

Illegal Signs

Refer to the Code Enforcement Division at 415-485-3097.


Refer to the County of Marin at (415) 473-3020 or the smoking ordinance webpage.

Business licenses

Refer to the Business License Division at 415-485-3051 or the business license program webpage.

Cannabis businesses

Refer to the Economic Development department at 415-485-3383 or the cannabis program webpage.

Health permits

Refer to Marin County Environmental Services at 415-499-6907.

Massage businesses

Refer to the Code Enforcement Division at 415-485-3097 or the massage program webpage.

Mobile vendors

For interest in mobile vending, refer to the Planning Division at 415-485-3085. For complaints on private streets/parking lots, refer to Code Enforcement at 415-485-3097. For complaints on public streets/public property, refer to Police Department at 415-485-3000.

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