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FAQ Topic: Learning Lab 2018

Community partnerships

As our capacity to provide services declines and community expectations continue to increase, there is a growing frustration from the public and a reduction of trust in local government overall. In the past, local governments may have been able to be the sole provider of services, while now it takes a partnership or coalitions to … Continued

Cultivating a positive culture

We live in divisive times and it’s easy to forget all of the good around us. Stress can cause negative health impacts, counterproductive and dangerous behaviors, and even violence. How might we cultivate a culture of positivity in San Rafael? Team: Sara Smith, Finance Cheryl Meeker, Library Loren Lundy, Public Works Susan Andrade-Wax, Community Services … Continued

Obsolete and onerous regulations

Outdated regulations are often no longer effective and can be a sense of frustration to both staff and the public. They can create unnecessary bureaucracy that slows down projects and increases costs. How might we reduce the number of outdated and ineffective regulations? Team:  Don Jeppson, Community Development Brittany Bober, City Clerk’s Office Josh Minshall, … Continued

Homeless encampment fire and health threats

Team Challenge: Mitigate the risk of wildfires due to homeless encampments. Homeless encampments impact the quality of life for the entire community. How do we ensure safety from wildfires due to homeless encampments? Team: Faby Guille-Urfer, Public Works Laraine Gittens, City Attorney’s Office Lynn Murphy, Police Department Christine Foster, Public Works Carl Huber, Police Department

Employee Evaluations

Regular evaluations help employees develop their skills and advance in their careers. Right now, employees typically are evaluated by their supervisor each year. This practice is not always consistently applied or meaningful. How might we ensure that all employees get meaningful evaluations that incorporate the Together San Rafael guiding principles? Team: Margaret Stawowy, Library Ali … Continued

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