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Community partnerships

As our capacity to provide services declines and community expectations continue to increase, there is a growing frustration from the public and a reduction of trust in local government overall. In the past, local governments may have been able to be the sole provider of services, while now it takes a partnership or coalitions to work together to address issues. For example, there are actions a community can take to make for a safer neighborhood – it is not solely about the number of police officers. There are actions a community can take to make for a cleaner community – it is not solely Public Works employees picking up illegal dumping. How might we create toolkits so that the community can clearly see how they can best partner to help create the quality of life they want?


  • Valente Curiel, Public Works
  • Sean Mooney, Information Technology
  • Darcie Chellew, Community Services
  • Kathryn Nelson, Public Works
  • Miriam Wallen, Library
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