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Step 3: Create Your Test Script | How are you testing?

The test script provides structure to your test and will help you run each session consistently. The script should include: Introductory questions to provide context for the test and help make the tester comfortable “How do you typically find information about City programs?” “Have you planned an event that required working with the City?” “What … Continued

Step 4: Run Your Test Sessions | It’s time to start testing!

Ask permission to record the session and try to make the tester comfortable before getting started. Assure that you are testing the product and not the user to help ease any discomfort around technology. Remind him or her to be honest with feedback and to talk through challenges and thoughts out loud as they perform … Continued

Step 5: Review & Summarize Your Findings | What did you learn?

With testing complete take time to analyze and summarize the results of your tests. Find insights you gained, areas of improvement and recommendations to take to the product team. It helps to have a deliverable report that summarizes data, observations, and actionable steps the team can take to build off of the outcomes of testing.

Usability Testing Resources

Introduction to remote moderated usability testing, part 1: What and why Introduction to remote moderated usability testing, part 2: How 18F Usability Testing Guide How to run a remote usability testing

Within the community…

Neighborhood/HOA newsletters, email lists and meetings Businesses: Business Improvement District (BID), Chamber of Commerce Non-profits: Canal Alliance Marin IJ: In Your Town Other public agencies: Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM), San Rafael City Schools, Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District, Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART), County of Marin, neighboring jurisdictions (i.e. Town of San Anselmo, etc.)

Within the City…

Snapshot (City Manager bi-monthly newsletter) Public Meetings City Council meetings Parks & Recreation Commission Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Within Public Works…

Project page on DPW website Physical mailings to residents/businesses Social Media NextDoor Friday Memo/City website Twitter Instagram Facebook Public Works-hosted community/neighborhood meetings on the project On-site CMS boards (3rd & Irwin and portable CMS boards) – use URL to direct to DPW homepage A-frames posted at the project location

Know (your funding source) before you go (out to bid)

Prior to proceeding with a major purchase or contract; confirm that funding is available for the project. If the purchase/contract will be paid out of a division’s annual operating budget, then check your department/division’s latest budget report as to whether sufficient budget is available for the remainder of the fiscal year. If the purchase/contract will … Continued

Making our tax payer dollars go far

All goods and services, including construction contracts, should be competitively procured or bid. City municipal code requires staff to purchase good or services at the lowest cost. This is why City construction contracts are awarded to the lowest, responsive responsible bidder. The responsibility to ensure you are procuring City goods and services at the lowest … Continued

Accountability to the public

All City procurement documentation (receipts, invoices, credit card statements) is public record and subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act. With every purchase, consider: Is there a good explanation as to why the expenditure is appropriate? Has it been documented? Could the amount spent be comfortably defended under public scrutiny? Would you be free … Continued

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