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Reclassifications and other Job Actions/Changes

The Position Reclassification Policy establishes procedures, requirements and timelines for requesting reclassification for any City of San Rafael classification. Attachments: A) Position Description Questionnaire B) Reclassification Approval/Denial Form Additional Resources: Job Action Checklist and Routing Slip


See our New Hire Documents page for more information


As we all know, having employees means that sooner or later, an employer is going to have to offboard an employee  (e.g. new job, retirement). To help in this regard, please visit the Employee Offboarding page for necessary documentation to utilize at the end of the employment relationship.

Workplace Security & ViolencePolicy

The City of San Rafael is committed to providing a workplace that is safe, secure and free from threats or acts of violence. This includes prohibiting any threatening or committing any act of violence while on duty, while on City-related business or while operating any vehicle or equipment owned or leased by the City. All … Continued

Use visuals!

See “Visuals” section below Visual aids help the presenter explain information more coherently and make learning easier for the audience. They also help add variety to presentations, thus making it more interesting for the audience. Avoid using hard-to-understand engineering sketches. Use photos, aerial images, photos of similar projects, mock designs to get the public to … Continued

Frequency of project updates

As they occur! Keep the public updated as we progress on projects, whether it is during design, the pre-bid phase, active construction, over even routine maintenance We want to make sure we are communicating with them while the news is still fresh and whenever new information arises If one page of the City’s website has … Continued

When writing a project update/information post…

Start from the beginning. Describe the project as if it was the first time someone was hearing about it. Always link to project page on DPW website if one exists. Always spell out acronyms. Where is the project? Be specific as possible about the geographic limits of the project Why is this project being done? How will … Continued

General writing guidelines

See Writing Style Guidelines Make sure language is easy to follow: No jargon terminology – define unknown terms Spell out acronyms The public are not technical experts, so assume you reader knows nothing Writing should be at a 9th grade reading level Use short sentences to break up large thoughts and make the information easier to … Continued

Step 1: Define Your Goals | What are you testing?

What product or service are you developing or improving that needs to be tested? Select typical tasks and scenarios that a person would follow when engaging with the service/product. The test will help determine how easy or difficult it is to accomplish. Examples: A parent wants to rent a picnic table at a park for … Continued

Step 2: Find Your Testers | Who are you testing?

Find volunteers that meet a profile that best fits the scenario you are trying to test. Use social media and email promotions to find volunteers to test your prototype or product. Ask your colleagues if they know any experts or regulars who would be a good fit. Consider testing at least 5 users to get … Continued

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