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Our Guiding Principles

Posted on June 11, 2019

Guiding Principles
In 2017, a “Guiding Principles” Working Group formed out of Together San Rafael.  After multiple rounds of feedback from employees throughout the organization, consensus emerged around six Guiding Principles. Those Guiding Principles are:

Together in Service
Start with Community Needs
Find Something to Say Yes To
Reimagine the Status Quo
Practice Openness
Be Mindful

The Golden Shovel

In order to help us remember the meaning of each Guiding Principle, the Communication Subcommittee has been trying to find stories and symbols that exemplify each Principle. We have two so far, and we need your help finding the last four. We will be making videos and posters using the stories, and first up is “Being Mindful.” We hope you enjoy!


The Golden Shovel: Innovation doesn’t require fancy, expensive technology – it’s just about having a good idea.

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