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October Health Topic: Women’s Health

Posted on October 1, 2020

Welcome to our health topic for October — Women’s Health

You can find more resources at our Choose Better site

The October challenge is “Break Time”.  The Break Time challenges invites you to consciously take a break at work each day during the month of October.  We know that many of you have mandatory breaks, but many of these are overlooked.  We challenge you to take at least one break a day (lunch does not count) to mentally recharge.  Find a break buddy to go for a walk, grab a coffee or tea, or just have a chat.  If you would rather be alone, that’s fine too….take time to connect with a friend, read a book or take a walk.  Just get a way from your desk.  Whatever style of break works for you that is fine, we just want you to be the best you!

Building habits is easy….

1)    Believe it…Pick a habit that you are excited about

2)    Shrink it…Break down the habit into something you can achieve

3)    Trigger it…Choose a trigger for the habit, ideally something that already happens

4)    Prepare for it…Get the tools needed and prepare your environment for success

5)    Track it…Write down each time you do the habit so you can see progress

6)    Be it…make the habit part of your identity

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