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myStrength- Now Available for Kaiser Permanente Members at no cost

Posted on March 6, 2020

Available to Kaiser Permanente members only.

About myStrength?

myStrength offers access to clinically-proven tools to self-manage stress, depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, insomnia, chronic pain and more through a fully-integrated user experience that also provides industry-leading support for comorbid conditions – as physical and emotional health challenges often co-occur. Additionally, myStrength offers one-to-one Coaching capabilities, which amplifies the impact of its digital tools through in-application messaging that offers support, encouragement, and guidance as individuals explore myStrength.

myStrength uniquely integrates a range of evidence-based psychotherapy models such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and motivational interviewing, along with tailored wellness and user-defined inspirational and spiritual resources to cultivate a strong mind, body and spirit.

Click on these links to watch demonstration videos created by myStrength.

Short demo (42 seconds)

Long demo (10 minutes)

  • myStrength is a cognitive behavioral therapy-based program offering guided programs and tools for a range of mental health needs and challenges.
  • myStrength is available on a desktop/mobile web application on any browser and through a mobile application
  • myStrength recommends users sign up through their desktop web application, and then use the product on whichever device is most convenient.

Accessing the MyStrength App:

The recommended approach is to begin by opening the site on their desktop computers.  After logging onto the KP webiste with their secure passwords, the KP members can then use the search bar to navigate to “MyStrength”.  From the MyStrength landing page the members can then follow prompts to create a secure password.  Once this step has been completed, the KP members can download the app to their mobile devices and log-in using their newly created password.



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